Masonry Home Improvement Ideas for Your Next High-End Upgrade

Masonry work is one of the oldest forms of construction. Many famous masonry structures exist including the Egyptian Pyramids and the Great Wall of China.

Today masonry architecture is used in home building and home remodeling to the delight of homeowners. 

Is it time to add some upgrades to your home? Masonry construction can add just what you’re looking for for your next project. Keep reading to find out how. 

What is Masonry? 

Masonry is the building of a structure like a wall, fireplace, or firepit by using individual units and putting them together with mortar. Masons use bricks, concrete blocks, stone, etc. in masonry construction. 

Masonry is a very long-lasting form of construction. It’s more durable than most other options. 

Masonry Home Improvement Ideas

Does your home need some curb appeal or are you looking for a way to make your family room stand out? Maybe you’d like to upgrade your outdoor space? Let’s take a look at some masonry projects for your home remodel. 

Brick Paver Walkway

Is your concrete walkway looking old and tired? Replace it with brick pavers. The new brick paver walkway will be the star of your landscape design while adding curb appeal to your home. 

Brick Kitchen Wall and Backsplash

You can achieve a farmhouse look or a contemporary look or whatever your style, depending on the masonry material you use, with a brick wall and/or brick backsplash in your kitchen. 

Stone Wall Landscaping

Is your backyard on a slope? Installing a masonry stone wall can add visual appeal to your yard while making a sloped yard more usable. The wall will be durable and attractive while adding to your landscape design.  

Brick Pillars on Front Porch 

Replace your plain wood pillars with brick or stone masonry pillars. They’ll add character, curb appeal and architectural interest to the front of your home. 

Brick Paver or Stone Patio

Add more living space to your home with a brick paver or stone patio. This type of patio adds to the aesthetic value of your home and provides you with an outdoor area to entertain or enjoy outdoor living. 

Focal Wall

Create a focal wall in your master bedroom, bathroom, office or family room with masonry. You can use a masonry wall in whatever style you desire.

Going for an industrial look? Pair the brick wall with metal or exposed beams. Is the farmhouse look more your style? Use recycled brick to give your room an old, shabby chic style. 

Masonry Construction

Now that you know how masonry construction can add appeal and value to your home, are you ready to get started on your remodeling project? 

We at Streamline Builders offer a full array of services to create the dream home you desire. We are a family-owned and operated company. Check out our services from remodeling to masonry work to cabinetry and more. Contact us today. 

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