outdoor fireplace

Masonry Project: An Outdoor Fireplace Adds Ambiance and Warmth

Whether it is a small gathering of family or a large party with friends, spending time outdoors is both fun and welcoming.

Many homeowners on Long Island spend a great deal of time entertaining outdoors. Whether it is a small gathering of family or a large party with friends, spending time outdoors is both fun and welcoming. The spaces we use for outdoor entertaining play a large role in the atmosphere created for the time we spend together. One of our most requested masonry home improvement projects is to build an outdoor fireplace.

outdoor fireplace

What is an outdoor fireplace?

An outdoor fireplace is typically a structure made of masonry that is installed on your back patio. It looks like a free-standing fireplace. Just like an indoor fireplace, there is a place to put wood and a chimney to exhaust the smoke. You insert seasoned firewood into the fireplace and light it to create beauty, ambiance, and warmth. You can use the fireplace year-round and they are especially nice on chilly autumn and spring nights.

Is it difficult to install an outdoor fireplace?

One of the elements of any outdoor improvement project is that of safety. We strongly recommend considering that because using an outdoor fireplace will involve fire, safety has to be the number one priority.

Our expert masonry artisans will create an outdoor fireplace designed with a beautiful look and with the maximum amount of safety precautions possible.

Because we have been designing and building outdoor wood-burning fireplaces for years, our experience will help guide you through the entire process. We’ll closely examine your outdoor living space and explain all of the outdoor fire features available to you. Then we’ll design and build the outdoor fireplace of your dreams.

Ultimately, we want you to have a reliable, safe, beautiful outdoor entertaining space and the fireplace will accent that space perfectly.

What options do I have with the outdoor wood-burning fireplace?

What excites us the most is our ability to customize your outdoor wood-burning fireplace. We can enhance the fireplace to have additional features. These features include:

  • An outdoor wood-burning oven for baking pizzas, loaves of bread, or anything you could put in an oven
  • A fire pit that friends and family can gather around.
  • Built-in seating and masonry benches

and more..

When we work together we are only limited by our imagination. We’ll create the most amazing outdoor space for you.

How do I get started building an outdoor fireplace?

Like many home improvement projects, we recommend meeting with one of our design consultants. We’ll talk about your specific project, your wants and desires, and the requirements to make it all come together.

As you prepare for your meeting with us, visiting places online like Pinterest will help you collect ideas and get inspiration for your project. Save or print out your favorite ideas so we can talk about them together.

Your next step? Get in touch with us by calling (516) 385-8564 or filling out the form on our contact page. We’re excited to hear about your ideas.

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